TASCAM USB Interface - US322 - $299.00

The US-322 combines compelling new technologies like on-board digital mixer and on-board digital effects along with advances on the wildly popular US-122MKII interface. The US-322 sports an aluminum casing for rugged reliability plus new improved HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) microphone preamplifiers. These HDDA mic pres offer a wider frequency response (10 Hz to 68 kHz), high S/N ratio (98 dB), very low input noise (-120 dBu) and low distortion (0.0045 %) – qualities rarely achieved in interfaces this affordable. This certifies this unit as one of the best sounding interfaces to be released by Tascam yet.

The US-322 features two audio inputs with XLR connectors for microphones and TRS connectors for line-level sources. Input one can be switched to high impedance for direct connection of an electric guitar or bass. Two line outputs are provided with TRS and RCA connectors.

A "Mixer Panel" button will instantly bring Tascam's new mixing console and on-board insert/send effects (compressor, EQ, reverb) to the computer screen for easy-to-use, versatile recording. The digital mixer offers two operational modes for multi-tracking and stereo mixes. Both units are bundled with Cubase LE6.

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