CME - Midi controller - $179.00

CME-XKey portable Midi controller

The CME Xkey is the answer to mobile music creation.

It is unique in today’s market

Xkey - your first choice of musical keyboard

In the tablet PC era, will you still prefer a desktop computer?
In the mobile music era, will you still need a traditional MIDI keyboard?
In the portable musical instrument era, will you compromise with poor
performance features?

Xkey is currently the world's only truly portable music companion that belongs
to you. While at home in the studio or living room, it doesn’t force you to play in
one spot.

Nor should the slim appearance fool you - professional performance is not compromised.

You can see its elegance, touch its refinement and play with delicacy. It can hide in your backpack
and is with you to communicate your musical inspiration.

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